Check out our Flipbooks!

808FLIPBOOKS is the newest craze in creating personalized party favors for any occasion.
With our mobile flipbook studio, your guests enjoy an interactive experience while creating a personal momento of your event. They will re-live the memories when they share their customized flipbooks with family and friends.

Custom party favors. Added entertainment. Captured memories.

How does 808Flipbooks Work?

This memorable keepsake takes only minutes to create. 808Flipbooks Sets the Stage with our mobile studio equipment and screen. We also bring the Lights and the Camera, while you and your guests provide the Action! Guests get to star in their own motion picture and view their movie over and over again by simply flipping through the pages. Everyone will love their customized party favors!

Here's a step-by-step look at how the process takes place:

  • FILM

    Guests can pick out costumes, signs, and props and dance or act out a short skit in front of the video camera

    The recorded video is then printed in a succession of still photos
  • CUT & BIND

    The still photos are cut into a series of 3 X 2 picture pages, which are bound with a custom flipbook cover

    With a simple flip of the thumb, relive your video and share with family and friends